Medical Lien Services

Southwest Liens offers 2 levels of lien filing services, each designed to fit your specific needs.

Which level of service works best for you will depend on several factors:

  • The number of patients you and your organization treat
  • The number of liens you file
  • Your familiarity with the requirements of Arizona's Medical Lien laws
  • The amount of resources and time you want to devote to protecting your right to recover your medical bills
  • The level and type of technology used to track your patient's admission, treatment, records and bills

Service Level 1

Mid-to-high volume healthcare providers can reduce staff time in preparing and filing medical liens:

  • In a business to business application, our system will directly interface with your computer to download the necessary information to file liens.
  • We will act as your agent with patients, attorneys and insurance companies
  • We offer online access on a secure website to view your lien progress
  • We will provide monthly lien updates

Service Level 2

For healthcare providers who file few liens or who have a staff to file liens, we can assist your process:

  • We provide forms that you or your staff can fill out for liens and lien releases
  • We will file and electronically store the lien and releases for you

Southwest Liens, Inc. is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice to customers. Customers with legal questions are advised to consult with a licensed attorney. SWL, Inc. does act as a conduit for communications for level 1 customers only, when those communications are solely related to liens SWL, Inc. has prepared and filed, but does not negotiate or resolve liens or legal issues related to liens.