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Level 1 Service

Trauma-induced injury liens

Level 1 service is designed for mid-to-high volume healthcare providers, such as hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, urgent care centers, radiology and imaging centers, physical therapy centers, chiropractic offices and practices which have 5 or more licensed professionals such as Doctors (M.D., D.O. and Homeopathic), Nurse practitioners and others who commonly treat patients who have suffered trauma-induced injuries.

Reduce staff time - protect the timeliness of lien filing

Our system is designed to interface directly with your computer system. The information necessary to file the lien(s) in compliance with HIPPA and applicable State Medical Records and Information Privacy laws will be transmitted by a "business to business" application. This significantly reduces both staff time and the time between treatment and filing, thereby ensuring that your rights to full reimbursement for your services are protected.

For practitioners other than hospitals and ambulance companies, liens must be filed no later than 30 days from the first date of treatment.

Southwest Liens will act as your agent with patients, attorneys and insurance companies

SWL, Inc. will act as your agent to ensure that your medical liens are, not only properly and timely filed, but are also sent to the appropriate individuals or entities responsible for payment of your bills. SWL, Inc. in-house staff and attorneys will also handle all future contacts with patients, attorneys and insurance companies to obtain full payment of your fees.

No bills will be compromised or partial payments accepted without your authorization. You will not pay any fees directly. SWL, Inc. will recover its fees and costs only when your bill is paid.

Online access to monthly lien updates on a secure website

SWL, Inc. will provide you with monthly updates so you will know exactly how many liens were filed, how many were resolved and how many are pending. SWL, Inc. will also provide a detailed accounting for all transactions.

Level 1 Customers will also have the ability to log on to our secure website and check this information in real time.

Southwest Liens, Inc. is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice to customers. Customers with legal questions are advised to consult with a licensed attorney. SWL, Inc. does act as a conduit for communications for level 1 customers only, when those communications are solely related to liens SWL, Inc. has prepared and filed, but does not negotiate or resolve liens or legal issues related to liens.

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